A Spicy Gallery Outing

Wednesday 16th November.

The team have been told they’re going out for a surprise later that night. The team discuss ideas all day. Is it the Harry Potter exhibition? Perhaps we’re going to go out to dinner? Maybe, there is no surprise and we all have to work late towards a deadline. We go back and forth all day, but cannot agree on anything.

Four o’clock arrives. Each team member is given a blank envelope, and we’re told to open it together. 3, 2, 1… OPEN!
As we open the envelope we see that each one holds a ticket to the newly opened Picasso exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.

So at six o’clock we leave our studio, and make our way through the rain and traffic to the gallery.

Max, Rachel, Putri & Mike ready for some Picasso fun!

The exhibition showcases seven decades of Pablo Picasso’s art. Every phase of his extraordinary career is represented, including masterpieces from the Blue, Rose, expressionist, cubist, neoclassical and surrealist periods. It’s a fantastic opportunity to view all his work without having to pay for a flight to Paris!

Pablo Picasso once said “I paint the way some people write their autobiography. The paintings, finished or not, are the pages from my diary…” and as we walked through the exhibition, guide book in hand, that is exactly what we felt. The exhibition is amazing! It has a great selection of 150 paintings, sculptures and drawings are there for viewing throughout 10 rooms.

Portrait of Dora Maar” is one of the highlights.

The gallery handed out big sheets of cardboard cut outs that could be constructed to create our own cubist sculpture. So this is our attempt:

We call it "Let's leave cubism to Picasso!"
We call it “Let’s leave cubism to Picasso!”

It was a great night for the entire Spicy Broccoli Media team. We left feeling cultured and very inspired (so don’t be surprised if we start designing cubism-styled websites!).
The exhibition is in Sydney till 25 March 2012 and we encourage everyone to go have a look!
For more details see: www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/exhibitions/picasso