Fijian kids need your help!

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Please read the email at the bottom of this post.

Most of you would have heard about the flood that recently devastated our neighbours in Nadi, Fiji. As you can read from the email below children and families are in need of clothing. This is a call to action for all our local Spicy clients and colleagues. Friends of Spicy, freight forwarding company Fracht Austraila, and one of their generous customers, is organising a wonderful way to help the Fijian recovery – They are collecting kids’ clothing to ship to Fiji.

Children clothing is in need, so any clothes that do not fit your children, please donate this to the children of Fiji, who have no clothes to go to school in. Clothing will be packed unless you have 20-30kg to donate (no more than 30kg per box) then please help by pack this into a box if you can.

Since none of the Spicy team has kids (yet, still 8 weeks away for Mike and I!) we need your help. We will be collecting clothes at our graphic design studio in Seaforth all next week to help out.

What: Children’s clothing

When: Please drop off any day next week 9.30am–6pm by next Thursday April 26th.

Where: Our studio – Shop 7, 6 Brook Rd. (behind Essence Hair salon) Seaforth, NSW

Contact: 02 8084 5554 if you get lost.


Dear Everyone

Now that the flood has receded and the impact of this devastation is so horrific that words don’t even explain the pain that people are suffering with no homes, food, cloths and no books and clothing for their kids to go to school. This is the worst disaster we have experienced in Fiji.

Yet people are so strong but the reality is the reality, these people need help.

I ask from everyone that please go through your draws and find those cloths that you don’t want and haven’t used for a long time, from kids to adult. For the people of Fiji, this will be worth so much as at the moment they don’t have much to go by.

I will distribute it to those who are in desperate need for it. We really need help!!!!! And your items will be our treasure.

I am sure many organization are organizing fund raising especially for food, so let them find their distribution channel to get it to all the needy but i just want clothes for people who i know that are badly affected.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.




Addition! Just got this from a friend who was just there:

Hi Sarah,

We just got back – it’s the saddest thing I have ever seen.

The Fijians on the whole have very little – they exist on or above the poverty level . The flood affected areas we traveled through 2 weeks ago – they have lost everything.

Houses have piled all the stuff they have lost – all their beds, all their linen, all their soft furnishing – on the sides of the roads,  its massive.

They are hurting – but somehow they have kept their infectious smiles and attitude to recover, sadder still , Australia has offered an embarrassing $1million dollars in aid.

Good on you guys for chipping in – I know first hand how immensely grateful they are for the most basic items – we left all our clothes over there !

Matthew Godden, Pearla Plumbing


Looking forward to having a full car by next Thursday!