How To Sell Yourself Through Facebook

This is part three of a five part series on Social Media For Your Business

Part Three: What is Social Media

Most business owners understand the value of Facebook and its advertising benefits through both expenses and free of charge! Your business will reach a much higher number of prospective customers using this social media platform. The idea is to engage with as large of demographic as you can, Facebook can do just that. Here’s 3 tips on how you can achieve this.

If your business is considering investing in a Facebook ad, have a look at the data and feedback you get from it, don’t just post it and leave it. Facebook ads are a different form to the original TV or Print forms, with these, you are not able to take action on the feedback through achieving a directed customer list, this is why Facebook is so beneficial, when you know your customers, you can take action and direct your services and products towards them, you will also be able to get the benefits of “word of mouth” or should we say “word of type”! Through this, you will be able to build a community of interested customers through the trends in traffic, demographics, and content creation and consumption, this is where you can build on this and enlist it towards your company’s services.

Reveal a little personality, show your audience your consumer-friendly side, use it to engage your audience by posting special deals or exciting events that are upcoming or just happened, update them of events your attending too! This is a great key to let your consumers know a little but about you. When you do this, it build on your businesses reputation, the more the consumers know about you the more they’re willing to take chances on your services.

Customer Interaction
Facebook provides customer engagement, feedback and brand development for your products and services.  Yes, this is the best way to interact personally with your prospective customers and current ones, what feedback you get from them make sure you take it on board, if you get a lot of likes for a certain status, take into account, analyse it and see why it is they have done that, then ask yourself if can you possibly implement this incident into your marketing? Build relationships and brand awareness, highlight your business’s achievements too but letting them know through statuses, pictures are a great addition to because they are very engaging.

Work on these 3 points to provide your business with an opportunity to build a strategy and goal before you start using Facebook, this is also a long-term responsibility so take into account that it requires consistency and commitment, and of course a little of spicy fun!

That’s another wrap, tune in next week for more Spicy tips on Social Media.

Catchya’ next week,
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