JCI Sydney Be Better series – with Sarah Taylor

Sarah was a guest speaker at the Junior Chamber International Sydney’s “Be Better” Series last Thursday day night where she spoke about branding in business.

Here are the key points of her presentation for you to read through.

The 5 C’s
– Good branding makes you stand out from the crowd

One of the biggest reasons for people buying a brand repeatedly is the credibility the brand has among the consumers. As credibility grows, customers will recognize your brand and associate that good quality.
You can build your brand credibility with:
– high quality product/service
– ensuring consumer experience during points of contact is consistently positive
– providing evidence/statistics/facts about the benefits of your product/service
– testimonials and referrals from happy customers

– Branding can create a connection between the product and the clientele. Where there’s a strong connection, branding can be a good motivator for clients to continue to buy.

– Not many business owners are aware that good branding is actually a method of communication. If the design of the brand is right, it can communicate the message to the customer without the aid of expensive advertising. So in the long run, good branding from the start can save you money.

Cold hard CASH
– Charge premium prices for your premium products. Think of your favourite product. Chances are it probably has nice packaging, and something you feel goo about buying because you know it will last.

Here are some of the photos from the evening.

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