Mobile friendly test in 30 seconds


Google announced that a new mobile-friendly ranking factor will be added to the mobile search algorithm on April 21st 2015. This will result in non-mobile compatible websites falling down the rankings on Google.

That’s right… Google is trying to put mobile users first!

It is important to note that the change runs on a page-by-page basis. So if you have 10 web pages on your web site and 5 of them are mobile-friendly and 5 are not, then only the pages that are mobile-friendly will benefit. Ultimately this will hinder the overall ranking of your website.

Of course, you may only need small changes, either way, WE CAN HELP!!!

Just enter your website (or any specific website) and Google will analyse it for you!!!! Click on this link and enter the address:

At SBM, we strongly recommend that if you find your website is not mobile friendly, it is important that you get in touch so we can keep your ranking safe on Google.

Remember: Google Deadline for non mobile compatible websites is:

April 21st or SEO penalties may apply.