Having a testimonial on your Website is great!

Sharing other clients experiences with your business will help close the sale! Here are some examples of video testimonials from design clients that we filmed this week. They were shot and edited in one day. By animating logos and graphics,

Tips on great logo design

You may think the seasons changing and winter’s coming but its LOGO SEASON! Good logo design benefits a business by appealing to a target market and accurately representing the personality of your business. In this post we look at designing

The Super Quick Guide to Linkedin for small businesses

Why should your business use LinkedIn? – Builds company brand – Drives traffic to website – Drives traffic to other social media – Establish company as experts in the field – Monitor industry competition You’ve created a company profile. You’ve

Social Media Week – Day 5 (for small businesses)

Putting it all together! Social media is a massive free asset that all business types can benefit from. Over Social Media Week we have covered some of the important platforms that should be your first social media stops (Facebook, Twitter