Social Media Week – Day 3 (for small businesses)

What is twitter & how can it help my business? • Twitter allows your business to get instant customer feedback • Twitter gives you access to new demographics • Twitter can help you generate more website traffic Twitter is an

Social Media Week – Day 2 (for small businesses)

Growing your business with Facebook If you already have a Facebook account your halfway to making a page for you business. You can click here and follow the simple instructions and fill in the details to create a page. Before

Social Media Week – Day 1 (for small businesses)

Understand the Power of Social Media Social media is a type of media that is used for social interaction. It is highly accessible (usually free) and can bee seen in many sizes by a huge amount of people. Social media

How to add a welcome tab to your Facebook business page

NOTE: Facebook have stopped supporting this method. For the new way to install a Facebook Welcome tab check out this post. Adding a welcome page to your Facebook business page is a great way to advertise you business. It can