Social Media Week – Day 1 (for small businesses)

Understand the Power of Social Media Social media is a type of media that is used for social interaction. It is highly accessible (usually free) and can bee seen in many sizes by a huge amount of people. Social media

How to add a welcome tab to your Facebook business page

NOTE: Facebook have stopped supporting this method. For the new way to install a Facebook Welcome tab check out this post. Adding a welcome page to your Facebook business page is a great way to advertise you business. It can

Making your website successful

When people visit your company online, they are judging you based on your website. The audience should have a stress free experience online and leave feeling like they found what they were looking for. Good visual design reflects well on your company. Continue reading

Social Media for Business. Yes it really can turn the online community into dollars!

Case study: Manly Surf School In this case study we will go through how we manage the social media for Manly Surf School as a case study for how to convert a social media campaign in an online community into