Maximise your restaurant potential online

Does a restaurant/cafe have to be online?
Studies in Google trends show that people who search the internet for “good food” have a 90% conversion rate of visiting the venue they decide upon.
So if a business isn’t online yet or it is but not bringing in statistics like that one, these tips will be super spicy! But if you want some professional help call us today!

Engaging with your deliciously specific audience… 

To ensure your audience is engaging with your website and not just scrolling past it in a crazed hunger-fueled search, you need to be aware of who your target audience is and how best to attract and communicate with them.
Once you have identified this group you need to apply language, colours and strategies that will interest these specific people. Promotions and deals should also be aimed at this group, drawing upon their likely habits and budgets.

Take a look at our work on the website for Char & Co Resturant.


Easily updatable to ensure your flavour lasts..

The easiest way to send your customer away with a bad taste in their mouth is with an inaccurate website. Make sure all your details are constantly up to date, whether it be operational hours, special deals or menu items, they all need to be correct.

Unfortunately, people rarely give services a second chance once they have proven a failure. If someone travels to your restaurant for a specific item on the menu only to arrive and be informed that you no longer serve this due to “seasonal changes” or receive a response such as, “oh sorry, that’s our old menu”, they are unlikely to return in the future.

This is why having a website that is easy and accessible to update is crucial. To ensure that small changes aren’t avoided because they are a hassle, but quickly updated to ensure your customer is always empowered with up to date knowledge, and further, to ensure your staff are never placed in an awkward position of having to let customers down before the transaction has begun for no fault of their own.

Have a look at our work on The Pantry in Manly’s website for some inspiration.


Add some zest by ensuring you are mobile friendly..

This is imperative for your restaurant to catch hungry customers whilst they are on the go. Desperate hungry potential customers are likely to use their phone to check your opening times or to do a search of nearby restaurants whilst going about their day and if your website isn’t compatible with mobile devices then there is a chance they will be so frustrated by your website that they move onto another option. Thus losing your business.

Big simple click buttons are a huge help in this situation. Using them to link pages so that people with big fingers are able to easily click on your menu screen instead of having to hit the back arrow multiple times before reaching the page they are aiming for.

You need to remember that mobile devices have limited screen sizes and so you need your text to be clear and easy to read. No body enjoys pinching and squeezing and squinting at the text on the screen.

Take a look at our mobile friendly work at Manly Surfside Apartments website.


If I can’t see it on Instagram, did you even have brunch?

Integrating your website to your social media accounts is so important. Customers will be impressed by your social media presence (as long as it is active and well managed). You can further use this integration to generate business through promotions and feedback.

Having customer feedback will add reliability and humanize your business. Just make sure you manage your feedback appropriately as this can acts as a double edged sword if not closely monitored.

Being social within your brand can add some fun and humor to your website, giving your business a voice to stand out among the masses.

And never forget trip advisor!

Here at Spicy headquarters, we use analytics to ensure your social media presence is on top of its game at all times!

Take a look at our work on Barbuto’s restaurant website.

Seasoned Style..

When it comes to images on your website, less is more. An image is a medium that needs to be used correctly and with precision. High-quality images are a must, nothing amateur about this discussion.

Your brand logo should feature on the top right of your website, as this is the first place your customer’s eye is drawn to.

Finally, any form of video or music that auto plays must be avoided. Music will most likely annoy or inconvenience your customer and just is not necessary.

Have a look at our branding makeover for The London Hotel’s website.

If after all these tips your website is still lacking flavour, give us a shout and we will help you add some spice!

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