Logo Design for Beachwood

Beachwood Recovery Living is a housing quarters in which recovering addicts can access additional support in their ongoing recovery journey and in the transition from inpatient back to their daily lives. It is is an additional service provided by South Pacific Private Hospital; a treatment centre for those suffering from mental health concerns and addictions.


  • Similar to South Pacific Private Hospital who supports Beachwood
  • Beachwood logo to mirror the encouragement of transitioning back into your daily live post treatment
  • Warm, engaged, hopeful, inspired, thankful, trustworthy, valued, proud
  • Colour preference, a light blue and a sandy colour to complement
  • Nothing too cheesy, professional
  • N.B The house itself is being decorated in a beach / driftwood style. A blue and sandy colour palette but is clean, light, airy and inviting. It makes sense that the logo tries to accommodate or reflect that same look and feel


The logo design for Beachwood focused on providing a professional and modern logo. The South Pacific logo is clean and modern, using the calming wave motif and beach blue colours. The Beachwood logo’s simple design of the house above the waves strengthens an idea of hope, survival and ‘being above water’. The inclusion of the waves in The Beachwood logo mirror the establishment’s coastal location and reinforces the calming motif. It is consistent with the South Pacific Private logo, but also represents the path to home, a safe and friendly environment.


South Pacific Private is here to help when you or someone you love experiences difficulties with mental health. If you or someone you know are struggling with such concerns, contact 1800 063 332 or visit http://www.southpacificprivate.com.au/

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Logo Design for South Pacific Private & Beachwood
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