Branding for VIA Carpet Cleaning

VIA offers carpet cleaning services


Purely focused on carpet cleaning, VIA aims to develop a long term relationship based on trust. VIA aims to be presented as a comfortable, elegant and sharp choice for consumers to develop a long term relationship with.


With these objectives in mind, the graphic design team developed a modern and elegant logo that coveys the professionalism as well as the clean, cool, trusty nature of the business. The ultra modern imagery collaborates well with the business name underneath to communicate a modern and relevant business that is clean and concise. The sharp texture used in the logo strengthens the brand as a clean, professional business.

  • The logo was designed using clean, sharp fonts and imagery to reflect the nature of the business  and the requirements of the target audience.
  • With adaptability in mind, the logo can be easily manipulated on to business t-shirts, equipment and print.
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VIA carpet cleaning
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