Rebranding & Website Redesign for CSBA

CSBA is a customer service improvement consulting business, lending a helping hand to organisations wishing to boost customer service. 


CSBA set the Spicy Broccoli team a goal in communicating clear and concise information to potential consumers regarding the services that were being provided shown through case studies and other customer service related results.

Rebrand solution:

The Spicy team delivered a logo that conveyed expertise, quality, familiarity and professionalism. These values are core to CSBA as well as to their target market. The colour palate used for the logo includes variations of grey, blue, white and black in a harmonious nature in order to present the brand as warm, inviting and professional. CSBA were delighted with the logo design as they presented the business as a highly professional B2B service provider.

  • Addresses their B2B target market which consists of business professionals, retail and service management.
  • Design ensures the brand appeals to diverse industries. These include financial, retail, tertiary education, public administration and transport services.
  • Created integral branding templates: business cards,  letter heads, power point presentations

Website Redesign solution:

Spicy Broccoli delivered a website that presents CSBA as a highly professional B2B service provider. The landing page allows both new and existing clients to easily navigate to employable services, company insights, events, and a contact us page for new clients.

Spicy Broccoli worked alongside CSBA to deliver a professional, crisp and clinically styled website in accordance to the brief outline. In particular, the events page was of upmost importance to CSBA. Spicy Broccoli understood this objective and delivered an events page among other pages that appeal and are extremely easy to navigate alongside the required booking features.

  • Integrated with branding message to communicate the professional, clinical, quantitative nature of CSBA.
  • Strong focus on directing web traffic to an easily navigated bookings page.


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