Social Media and Marketing for Manly Surf n Slide

The iconic Manly Surf n Slide is situated in the heart of Manly and is the only water park of its kind in a 50km radius.


  • Paying homage to the history of the waterpark with nostalgic imagery
  • Providing a forum for current and future visitors to voice queries and compliments
  • Showcasing awesome facilities and upcoming plans for the park
  • Balancing lifestyle imagery with park information and specials
  • Encouraging community involvement through open communication and chances to feature in the MSNS instagram feed


The MSNS social media and marketing campaigns needed to celebrate the historical value of the park as well as highlighting current facilities and upcoming plans. This was executed through posting of nostalgic and current imagery and patron’s ability to share fond memories of the park. Using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we connected with the primary consumer: parents of the kids using the park who most likely have visited the park in their childhood.

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Manly Surf n Slide
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