Branding & Website design for The London Hotel

The London Hotel is an establishment that offers a trendy, sophisticated culinary and beverage experience.


The London hotel offered a brief that required trendy, sophisticated yet informative new menu’s. The brief focused on a menu that purposefully appealed to 18-35 year olds as well as a significant rugby crowd.


Spicy Broccoli conquered this brief by developing a menu that is inspired by some of the best restaurants in the world while maintaining elements of The London Hotel vibe. The menu is durable, simple to navigate and promotes the signature dishes at the London hotel.

The design is customised to the clients desire. The colour palate and text design configuration used integrates with The London Hotel environment as well as being simple to read.

  • Menu design was customised to a size between A3-A4 to meet the clients requirements.
  • Design inspired by the best restaurants in the world.
  • Designed as an in-house marketing tool for the services that they sell.
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