Rebrand for Deck Dee Why Bar & Dining

The Deck bar & dining brings a forever evolving menu with exotic flavours inspired by street food vendors.


Deck bar & dining provide clients with an experience where street food meets an elegant dining experience. The menu and experience is influenced significantly by the beautiful setting of the establishment on Dee Why beachfront where there is a high level of competition for bar and dining experiences. Deck bar & dining understood that an eye catching logo design is imperative to success in such a competitive industry and location.


The graphic design team were engaged to develop a new brand design that conveyed modern street food in a beach setting.

  • The logo design features strokes through the restaurant name to represent a deck
  • Including a simple ‘bar & dining’ informative footer to the logo
  • The colour scheme used replicates the beautiful Dee Why beach setting whilst also remaining clear and informative
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