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Tailored Graphicz is a large format digital printer located in Brookvale, Sydney. They providing amazing solutions in marketing collateral for retail, exhibitions and events, and the corporate industry.


  • Great functionality; easy to use and contact the TGZ team
  • Display services they specialise in and industry information
  • Showcase testimonials from previous & current clients
  • Showcase colour scheme from logo


  • Industries and the services within them are mounted on the top navigation; each service provides written and visual examples
  • Call To Action buttons and easy to use forms are peppered throughout the site; the ability to request a quote both accessible and straight-forward
  • Testimonials are visible on homepage; placed on a conveyor belt so multiple reviews can be seen
  • Website colour scheme is dynamic, showcasing shades of pink, blue, green and orange, visible in the logo
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Tailored Graphicz
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Thanks Spicy Broccoli team! I now have a website that I can be proud of and want my customers to see. - Dan Skitt, Director

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