Social Media and Marketing for Touchstones

Touchstones is a staff development software designed to provide direction for professional learning.


  • Showcasing software benefits and upcoming breakfast events
  • Balancing product information with educational news and trends
  • Reminding educators of WHY they became teachers and search for improvement
  • Open communication between educators and Touchstones
  • Promoting the CIRCLE brand as well as its product Touchstones and myPDPonline


Touchstones by CIRCLE is a professional development software that required social media marketing to communicate with aspirational educators, school leaders and principals. Whilst promoting the software and its benefits, Touchstones’ social media and blog also contained current education news and trends. It was through these forums that followers were reminded of the WHY factor of education and the importance of professional development for both teacher and student. As the market is quite niche, Spicy use sponsored posts to target specific demographics for maximum engagement.


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Working with Spicy B was fantastic. Mike and his team are highly skilled, great to work with and bent over backwards to ensured we met our targets. Highly recommended in all facets for a social campaign strategy and launch - Brett Foster, CIRCLE

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