Branding for the Bill & Lorraine Wood Foundation

The Bill & Lorraine Wood Foundation is a charity set up to provide scholarships, support and recovering addicts and their families. In conjunction with South Pacific Private rehab hospital.


  • Logo to be friendly, positive, symbol of hope
  • Have elements of fun relating to kids in programs but still professional
  • Targeted consumers include kids, families, corporate sponsors
  • Must sit alongside South Pacific Private and Beachwood logos



The logo process for the Bill and Lorraine Wood Foundation focused on delivering a symbol of positivity, family and safety. The Spicy team incorporated a lighthouse and waves, symbolising ‘light in the darkness’ and hope for families involved with the charity. As it had to be appeal both children and corporate sponsors, Spicy created a loose illustration style that was still clean, professional and modern. The use of different shades of blue and a dark yellow mirrored this light motif and allowed the logo to be used in a number of mediums.

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Bill & Lorraine Wood Foundation
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