Website Design for Form1

Form1 prides itself in creating original fire solutions that cover every angle businesses need to take care of their people.


  • To explore the Form1 company culture, portraying WHY they do what they do
  • Showcase current services, people they work with and testimonials
  • Main goal: Connect, inform and educate.
    “We want them (users) to learn more about who we are and what we do. Inspiring and easy-to-digest information that tells existing and new clients plus future employees what makes Form 1 different. It’s important we educate them about our unique culture with inspiring content that is different to what our competitors deliver on their websites”.



  • First heading on homepage reads ‘Passionate about people’ then clicks through to ‘who we are’ section; allows users to see Form1’s prime concern, showcasing their values and brand.
  • Homepage has access to all aspects of website to make company information easily accessible

Culture is the heart of the Form1 business and website which brings fire safety to life. Spicy Broccoli Media launched Form1 in December 2017 and were awarded the 2017 Special Kudos Award by the CSS Design Awards for the website’s design! Click here to check out the award!

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