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Designing your new website is our passion. We provide sites for all kinds of businesses and industries.
Below is just a sample so take a look and at our portfolio or send us a message and we’ll send some more samples hot off the press.

Restaurant website:

It all comes down to being true to the story. It is all about capturing the essence of the brand. Despite this, we also encourage you to be creative with your Website Design to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Spicy Work: China Diner



Professional Services website design:

Website features ‘space age’ design elements such as an astronaut, outer space, and planets, as well as photos of real people and earth. This combination highlighting communication on both levels, ‘world class technology that goes above and beyond’.

Spicy Work: Office HQ


Online shop website design

Simple and functional, the home shows all the available sections in a very creative way. The homepage immediately takes you to the vineyards with an incredible slideshow that showcase the location and the wines.

Spicy Work: Tallavera Grove


Construction Services website design

The main goals of the website was to provide an overview of MBB services, projects, sectors and teams experience. The website needed to reinforce their reputation as high-quality servicer providers with extensive knowledge and experience.Most of all the website needed to set MBB group apart from their competitors.

Spicy Work: MBB Group

This is only a sample of our volume of work.
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