Social Media Week – Day 5 (for small businesses)

Putting it all together! Social media is a massive free asset that all business types can benefit from. Over Social Media Week we have covered some of the important platforms that should be your first social media stops (Facebook, Twitter

Social Media Week – Day 4 (for small businesses)

The Network For Grown-Ups LinkedIn lets you maintain a list of your professional contacts. The people in the list are called connections and it is used primarily as a recruiting business tool to find employees, employers, check professional history’s and

Social Media Week – Day 3 (for small businesses)

What is twitter & how can it help my business? • Twitter allows your business to get instant customer feedback • Twitter gives you access to new demographics • Twitter can help you generate more website traffic Twitter is an

Social Media Week – Day 2 (for small businesses)

Growing your business with Facebook If you already have a Facebook account your halfway to making a page for you business. You can click here and follow the simple instructions and fill in the details to create a page. Before