Logo Design

Be yourself, be visible, be memorable.
That first impression when a customer sees you Logo for the first time. Does it resonate with them? This could be the first step they make towards choosing. Does your Logo stand out from the crowd? Let’s make sure it does! Leave a permanent imprint in your customers’ mind.

So you need a new Logo?

But what is a logo anyway? It is actually all in the name. Logo is short for logotype and logotype comes from the Greek logos and typos, words and imprint. And that’s exactly what a good logo should do, leave a permanent imprint in your customers’ mind.

Our team of graphic designers understands that since your logo is the foundation of your brand identity it has to grab attention, make a great first impression, in a word be memorable.

Logo design

Logos are our jam. Do  you have a kick-butt business which needs a kick-butt logo to match? Whether you have a start-up or a mature business, having the best logo designer sets you off in the right direction. With 15 years experience of  creative logo design in Sydney, we have conceived 300+ brands.

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Logo refresh

Has your business outgrown your logo? Ready to take the leap from inconsistent mess (no offence!) to a cohesive brand?  Our proven 3 step process gets the best creative results with minimum fuss.

Check out some of our logo designs >

Take the leap from good to great!