Google Adwords ( SEM ) Display ads & Retargeting

There is no faster or more efficient way of getting immediate leads than through Google Ads. Advanced targeting options and high visibility of ads matching exact user intent allow for a much higher opportunity for conversion.
The Google network extends over their search engine, Google Display Network with millions of sites, Remarketing, Youtube, and Google Shopping. We have the skill required to deliver ads across the entire Google network at the cheapest cost to you.


With the right set up and targeting your website can appear in front of potential clients almost immediately. Whether Google Ads (previously AdWords) or Bing Ads, SEM activity covers a number of areas including text ads in search results, image & video ads on other websites, and shopping ads linking directly to products. SEM is generally run on a Pay-Per-Click basis, where you only pay for actual traffic that has been directed to your site. Whether aiming to sell products via ecommerce, generate leads, or promote your location through local search marketing, SEM is a very flexible and capable way of getting results.

Why do you need professional Adwords search marketing services?

While platforms like Google Ads have become much more user friendly and automated over the years, the results generated can vary greatly depending on how an account has been set up. Having the correct account structure and targeting place can make a world of difference, and often be the deciding factor in whether your campaign attracts quality traffic or simply wastes budget on low quality clicks.


1. Campaign strategy and set up

This is where it all begins. We discuss your goals, analyse search volumes, and work within your budget to make the best use of your resources. From here we can determine the best way forward, segment different products/services and audiences, and set up a well thought out account structure to deliver the best results.

2. Ad copywriting and image ad creation

Our team of copywriters and designers will work with you to create ads that really speak to your potential customers. We always create multiple sets of ads, allowing for testing and comparing performance as data becomes available. Depending on the size and scale of your activity our team can create regular display ads also, which are a great tool for both brand awareness as well as driving conversions through retargeting.

3. Competitor analysis

Beyond monitoring and analysing our own accounts, we regularly review how these measure up with the competition, and make recommendations or changes accordingly. SEM activity can fluctuate depending on search volumes and what your competitors are doing, and keeping on top of this can give you an added advantage.

4. Reporting

Once your SEM activity begins delivering traffic, we then analyse results each month, providing you with a report on performance. Results from paid search engine marketing can almost always be improved upon, it just comes down to time and the level of activity present, as the higher the traffic the more numbers we have to analyse and work with. Our standard level of activity for most clients includes a monthly report showing the performance of their search engine marketing and comparing this performance to previous months.

5. Ongoing optimisation

With reporting data comes insights into how things are performing and how they could be improved on. SEM offers many methods of optimising results, whether it be updating keywords, ad copy, targeting, or bidding strategies. Our goal here is to improve on previous results, both in terms of traffic and conversions.