Graphic Design

Time to refresh your branding? Starting a new business? Look no further than our award-winning Sydney creative agency for your graphic design, branding, web design and online marketing needs. Let’s get Spicy!

With great design, you’ll make your first impression count.

PERCEPTION: Stop losing leads and potential customers with outdated and uninspiring branding. Let’s face it, if you have an awesome business, then your branding needs to be in line with how you want to be perceived.

CONNECTION: We tell stories to connect. In order to differentiate yourself, your story needs to be told clearly and concisely.

DESIGN: Design is more than pretty pictures – it shows the customer what to expect, how you’re going to interact with them. With the right branding you can attract those “A clients/customers” and make your competition take note!

What we do

Utilising a team of the best graphic designers is the first step getting the results you expect. With a combined experience of over 50 years the team at Spicy Broccoli have the depth of work as you can discover navigating this website. Design is in our blood and bring this passion to your project will both increase the value of your business and you service or product.

Coming in HOT! Make your mark in both the print and digital world. At Spicy, our experienced graphic design team focus on communication, efficiency and productivity. We create practical designs that are tailored to your business and clientele. While remaining aesthetically pleasing, we ensure logos and brands are developed with the basic design principles to help them last the test of time. Specialising in both print design and digital design, the Spicy team can visualise your business ideas and bring them to life.

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Other services

Digital Marketing Agency Sydney 

Getting your services or products in front of millions of people is just the beginning with Digital Marketing. The number of platforms and possibilities are only made more complicated with the tools that need to be mastered, in order to deliver your content or advertising effectively. Allow our team to guide you through planning, building, and executing ongoing marketing campaigns.

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Website Design & Development

Your website should reflect your ethos, attract customers and be easy to use! With careful planning and great design, the spicy team will work with you to create a clean, clear presence of your 24/7 online sales person.

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