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Do you need email marketing services? Is email marketing an effective channel for your business?
Email marketing can be a powerful tool, after all it’s a great way to communicate with customers, whether new or returning.

Is email marketing an effective channel for your business?

Email marketing or EDM’s ( Electronic Direct Mail ) is proven to get great results from a contact database. Landing targeted and informative content directly into your customers inbox at the right time will allow them to open it and have a scan through the messages. Staying in regular contact will allow you stay top of mind. All industries thrive on email marketing. Especially Businesses which feature a high number of repeat customers, have frequent exciting updates or regular offers to promote, can do very well with email marketing. If you’re not doing it then let’s get stared!!!

Email marketing platforms, what’s the difference?

There are plenty of options out there for managing your email marketing, often with unique features of their own. The most common platform we deal with is Mailchimp, which is certainly popular for EDM activity across many sectors. MailChimp has been one of the biggest providers of EDM management for close to a decade and it’s easy to see why. Similar to Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor is another popular email platform, used by millions of businesses around the world and with many similar features, with other notable platforms being Active Campaign, Sendinblue and Mailerlite.


1. Email marketing strategy

This is where it all begins, the big picture. Sure we could just paste some copy and push the send button, but there’s more to it than that. There are many aspects of an email marketing campaign which can impact performance. This could include the day of week/time of day, or the audience, or the email content itself.

When looking at email content, the subject line will play the biggest role in influencing how many people open your emails, whereas the content within the email itself will impact how many people click and visit your website, or even better, make an enquiry or purchase!

2. EDM creation and scheduling services

This is one of the most common aspects of marketing we manage for our clients. Once a strategy has been determined and we have a direction for email activity, the bulk of ongoing activity we are commonly engaged for by our clients is the regular creation and scheduling of their EDMs. Choosing the best frequency for sending emails depends on your audience, the quality of content (or offers). Some businesses choose to send one email per month, while some only send something quarterly. Then there are those who have a highly engaged database and the potential to send more regular updates to their readers, featuring content our team creates.

3. Audience segmentation and database management services

For businesses with a significant database and the desire to send different emails to respective audiences, this is a valuable aspect of email marketing. By having your main audience divided into smaller lists you can target specific readers with relevant content and also review and compare the performance of different audiences.

4. Email marketing reporting

Once an email has been sent, it doesn’t end there. Email reporting analyses the performance of each campaign, reviewing the open rates, click through rates, as well as bounces and unsubscribes. Many factors impact email performance, from the timing to the audience to the content of the campaign. By reporting on this we can see what works best and focus efforts on this.