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Because our business is built on trust.
We’ll bring your brand to life.
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top quality

At Spicy Broccoli, we pride ourselves on knowing that we are one of the leading small business marketing firms in Sydney. What sets us above the rest of the pack is our dedication to delivering brand and marketing strategies that clearly communicate our client’s product to the consumer whilst using effective marketing initiatives to change consumer perception about our clients.


We draw from extensive big brand management experience, working with brands such as Westpac, BT Financial, Sony, Jaguar, and DreamWorks. We passionately bring this experience when tackling small and medium business marketing opportunities.

trusted team

At the head of our experienced team are our inspiring and absorbing directors, Michael Taylor and Sarah Taylor. Michael understands the small business environment exceptionally well, having started 5 small businesses. Sarah has been nominated as a finalist for NSW Business Chamber Young Person of the Year as well as being elected president of the Manly chapter of Business Chamber International. This mix of entrepreneurial spirit with experienced creative flair combines exceptionally well to deliver a well-balanced team, prepared to excel at any project.


We take pride in our ability to provide quality marketing solutions through excellent communication, extensive experience, and out of the box creativity.

local produce

We are proud of our local community, so unlike a lot of design and development businesses, we only outsource to our local area so you are supporting your local community.

we love trees

As a team, we find ways to offset our carbon footprint and do our best to be ‘green’. So along with turning off our computers every night, buying recycled paper and only outsourcing locally – we’ve teamed up with Carbon Neutral. For every new client we plant a tree in that company’s name at the Carbon Neutral plantation site near Kosiuszko National Park in NSW.

don’t take it from us

We are very proud of our work, but don’t take it from us, take a look to what people are saying about our work.

what people say