Brochure Design

Making a physical connection with a customer via a Brochure or Flyer takes effort and money. This makes it even more important to make a statement and stand out so you don’t end up in the bin. Designing your company brochure or marketing flyer requires a clear purpose and great hierarchy. The timeless marketing piece always brings attention to your brand and is a tangible tool that needs to stand out.

Why is a brochure - still - important to your business?

With the ever growing palette of digital marketing tools you might wonder if a brochure is still relevant… Put your mind at ease, your not old-fashion, it still is an indispensable asset in your marketing tool box.

A well designed brochure make things real and tangible and tend to hang around longer than an email does. Plus, it is all about having the right tool for the job. A brochure will go a long way on a tradeshow. Trust us!

And with a long experience in print media, we have mastered the art of elegant designs and straight to the point brochures that convey a clear message.

DL Flyers / Leaflets

With overlapping colours, textures and boxes, the Stone Set multipage corporate brochure design uses clean grid lines and bright colours to accentuate the detailed imagery. Calls to action on each page highlight the various product offerings clearly and concisely.

A4 Flyers folded to Trifold DL

Luca Pizza promotes their menu with a double-sided DL flyer or leaflet that grabs attention and connects with their customers.
The humble DL refers to the envelope size and is the perfect fit for mail drops and all purpose, to the point traditional marketing. Still a low cost and effective way to market your business or promotion. With an endless variation of print / paper stock to choose from the possibilities are endless.

A4 Brochures with multiple pages

Using clean lines and minimal design for this 16 page A4 brochure, Robinson Grain Trade shows off infographics and content in a sophisticated, impactful way in the this corporate brochure design. We used an oversized logo for the main image which shows the variety of grains that are exported. The final product is slick and timeless.