Website Design 101

Class is in session. Let’s talk website design with Spicy Broccoli Media! There are functional websites, and there are pretty websites – at Spicy Broccoli, we think they can be the same thing! We’d rather have both, a pretty and

Designspiration: Out of the Box Packaging.

We’re hoping to make Designspiration posts a weekly thing, to share what we’re currently crushing on, just like those high school days, but instead of the hunky jock, with inspiring designs and ideas. Let us know what you think! This

Create an Awesome Visual Brief on Pinterest!

Here at Spicy Broccoli, we love Pinterest! It’s likely you love it too, or have at least heard about the buzz it has created. Whether you’re a pinning veteran, a newbie, or a wanna-be pinner, todays post is all about

Who cares about branding? You should! (Part 2 of 2 + BONUS TIPS)

This is the second part of the “Who cares about branding?” post. You can find here if you missed part one.   3. Connection: Association = Motivation to buy. Associating your brand with a certain genre, culture, or lifestyle, for