Google News!! Say goodbye to Google+

Google News Google+ says farewell. The sun is setting on the day that is Google+. So long.. farewell.. it was fun while it lasted. In case you hadn’t heard, Google is shutting down the consumer version of Google+ on the 2nd

Social Media Content

Social Media Content: How to expand your Instagram reach by utilising the Instagram algorithm. The social network, Instagram, currently has over 1 billion active users, with millions (and we mean millions) of photos posted per day. Although this platform is

12 Days of Biz-mas! Top business tips for growth in 2019.

We’re flying through December, and we’re counting down the days ’til Christmas, Hanukkah, and festivus for the restofus! But before we get too caught up in our barbecues by the beach and negotiating family drama, we wanted to add a bit of Christmas Spice to our new year preparations, we’ve decided to make a song out of it! Continue reading

Are Chatbots the Future of Marketing? The Battle of the Bots!

Chatbots for facebook

Is your email inbox bursting at the seams? Using Chatbots on Facebook Messenger might have more cut-through for your online marketing. Best of all – your competitors probably aren’t using them yet! Put simply, Chatbots are ‘The Next Big Thing’