Brand Refresh & Marketing Digital for Nectar


Nectar Cold Pressed produces and sells cold-pressed juice in New South Wales, Victoria, Brisbane and Canberra. The founders of Nectar Cold Pressed are passionate about nourishing health by producing juice with 100% Australian fruits and vegetables from farm to table. They are using High Pressure Process (HPP) to preserve the nutrients and living enzymes in the juices.

Furthermore, Nectar Cold Pressed aims to cater to a target market prioritizing health and fitness and seeking the convenience of fresh juices. The goal is to save consumers time by offering a hassle-free alternative to preparing juices at home.

The Challenge

Nectar Cold Pressed confronted a struggle to consistently deliver high-quality content and generate innovative ideas while staying informed about industry trends and platform updates. The challenge lay in synchronizing our commitment to premium cold-pressed juices with compelling and up-to-date content.

Our Solutions

  • The Nectar visual brand identity created reflects the products, process and passion imbued in each bottle.
  • The external visuals reflects the internal ingredients.
  • The new brand refresh reflects a more current, consistent and updated image of the business.
  • Upgraded the website reflects better user experience .
  • Provided high quality of product photography.
  • Took and produced video for their Instagram reels and TikTok videos.
  • Created social media and UGC contents to update the social media accounts consistently.

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