Branding and Packaging Design for OZNutri

OZNutri is a premium quality vitamin brand, offering 100% Australian-made products. As a new company, OZNutri wanted to emphasise the natural benefits of their products with their branding, and also stand out in the vitamin market.

Project Tags

The Challenge

OZNutri asked Spicy Broccoli to design a brand new logo, along with some fun, fresh packaging! As they have built the brand from scratch, it was completely up to Spicy to develop a brand concept that connected their Australian-made products with their commitment to nutrition.

Our Solutions

  • The logo is simple and bold, giving it room to work with different styles of packaging
  • The letter ‘O’ with the leaf accent gives the brand a modern look, while also tying in with the brand’s natural products
  • A soft, pastel colour palette that is unique to OZNutri helps to raise brand awareness