Branding for Angela Yelland Hair Stylists

Angela Yelland Hair Stylists is a boutique hair salon servicing a stylish and high-end clientele with its' specialist, bespoke colouring services.

Project Tags

The Challenge

  • The client wanted a logo that conveyed an effortless luxury for a boutique hair salon specialising in creative, bespoke colour services with an upmarket and professional clientele
  • The branding needed to be simple, contemporary and purely typographic
  • It was also important for the finished design to embody a sense of ‘luxe’ and quality, reflecting the high standard of their services, that worked across print materials such as in-salon price lists and drinks menus, signage and social media applications.

Our Solutions

  • The confident simplicity of the typography conveys an easy, effortless elegance and a strong sense of quality
  • When applied in gold foil in print applications, the luxurious quality of the brand is greatly enhanced
  • Overall the design is a natural fit for the stylish clientele of the salon and the high calibre of their services