Branding for Bolton Constructions

Client Name:

Bolton Constructions


Bolton Constructions excels in building, maintenance and construction for both small and large scale projects.

The Challenge

Bolton Constructions diverse qualities mean they are able to tackle anything from handyman to construction scale work. Bolton Constructions required a brand logo that conveyed their easy going, yet determined nature. As a second phase, we were asked to develop their business cards

Our Solutions

Our team designed a logo that cleanly presented the businesses core values whilst inviting customers to seek the business. The logo leads with a large, bold ‘B’ with two strokes of different shades of blue to capture the attention of potential consumers. Secondly, the logo presents the business name ‘Bolton Constructions’ in the same two shades of blue to create continuity as this imagery is design ready for multiple formats such as business cards.

  • The use of clear text conveys the professionalism of the business which appeals to the businesses diverse target market effectively

Following a similar brief, the team developed a business card design that appealed to the everyday homeowner whilst maintaining a professionalism that was appropriate for business clients such as real estate agents and building contractors.

  • To reflect the diverse nature of their target market, the design features clean professional text whilst also using a combination of blue colourings that evoke a deep calming, inviting nature throughout the business card.