Website Development and Design for SME Crowdfunding

SME Crowdfunder is an Australian company with an intermediary licence to operate an Equity Crowd-Sourced Funding (CSF) platform that assists established SMEs easily seamlessly source growth capital. SME Crowdfunder brings investors and companies together, in a modern and efficient way through our online platform.

The Challenge

SME Crowdfunder wanted a website that was easy to navigate and clearly showed their services to both investors and SMEs. They also wanted to showcase client testimonials and emphasise on what they had done for them.

Our Solutions

  • The design is clean and professional, with imagery of people to show friendliness and trust.
  • Throughout the site there are different buttons and sections for the user to navigate through depending on whether they are an investor or SME so they are getting the right information on services.
  • Rolling screen at the bottom of the homepage shows case studies with real client testimonials and how much money was raised and with how many investors.