Branding & Website Design for Kamui Resort

Kamui Resort is a rare convergence where nature, adventure, and culture unite to offer unparalleled experiences for visitors. Positioned as the gateway to the Asahikawa region and Northern Hokkaido, it stands out as a significant destination for international tourism, providing an attractive and cost-effective alternative. Our acquisition of 107,000m2 of ski-in and ski-out land, strategically located adjacent to the Kamui Gondola, paves the way for a meticulously planned village. With a 300m frontage along the run, accessibility to the resort is seamless, promising a distinctive destination for immersive experiences.

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The Challenge

Crafting the logo and branding for Kamui Resort was a distinctive challenge, requiring us to embody the essence of the resort’s unique features—nature, adventure, and culture. Our task was to create a visual identity that not only showcased the charm of the Asahikawa region and Northern Hokkaido but also resonated with a global audience. Achieving this balance between cultural authenticity and universal appeal demanded a strategic and imaginative approach. Furthermore, the logo had to effectively communicate the resort’s ski-in and ski-out accessibility while maintaining a seamless connection to the Kamui Gondola. Meeting these diverse requirements posed a design challenge that called for meticulous deliberation and innovative solutions, ensuring a brand that captivates both locally and internationally.

Our Solutions

We met the challenge by seamlessly infusing the logo and branding with cultural elements from Asahikawa and Northern Hokkaido.