Branding & Website Redesign for Marcos Accountants

Marcos Accountants provide a range of financial aid for multiple demographics. They strive to appear professional whilst also appearing modern and approachable.

The Challenge

Revamp the existing logo for Marcos Accountants and apply a more modern style of branding to various mediums including brochures and a new website.

Our Solutions

  • Establish with the client the desired outcome of the new branding and how this can be achieved
  • Work together with the client to develop a new website with branding that communicates the business’s goal to be viewed as modern and approachable with a professional feel
  • Creating a brochure that uses images to help balance the reading content in order to provide a pleasant pursuing experience
  • By using images that are experience and emotion focused, audiences are able to resonate with the values of Marcos Accountants and visually gain an understanding of what they could receive as a client