Website Design for Diamond & Lambert

Diamond and Lambert (DNL) has a solid reputation for building and renovating beautiful, high-quality, architecturally designed homes on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches.

The Challenge

  • Showcase the DNL project portfolio
  • Provide quality information of DNL services
  • Communicate the DNL story and lifelong passion for architecture and building
  • Create easy access for contact and customer enquiries
  • Appeal to target demographics: architects, clients looking to build or renovate their home/ investment property/commercial premises, clients looking at restoring heritage properties/churches etc
  • Leave the website knowing DNL are capable builders, trusting, enriched with knowledge; pushing the boundaries of design and construction
  • Trustworthy, long standing and conservative

Our Solutions

The Diamond & Lambert web design had to embody its mantra, “building the future, restoring the past”. With a clean design paired with vintage logo aesthetic, it is memorable and stands out from other companies. Users are able to view all DNL services or select particulars, depending on their project. Viewers are able to select from information about new buildings, renovations and restorations, then view galleries of successful projects. With a rolling dashboard and home page, users can view all aspects of the website, including the SNL story, services, portfolio and the contact form. The website incorporates both the first and secondary logo, enabling the website to be versatile on both desktop and mobile. Check out what our friends at Diamond & Lambert have been up to today at