Social Media Marketing for Le Plonque

The ultimate destination for exclusive French wine and champagne. Le Plonque was created as a 'social pre-order network' for likeminded individuals and wine enthusiasts, fostering a community for the ultimate dinner experience.

Project Tags

The Challenge

  • Showcase the exclusivity of selected French wine and champagne
  • Feature amazing food content that goes with wine!
  • Create a story for each bottle of wine
  • Increase website traffic to their online store
  • Create a community for wine enthusiasts
  • Produce a forum for current and potential customers

Our Solutions

Le Plonque is a social pre-order network of likeminded individuals, who love the taste of French wine and champagne. They exclusively select a range of vineyards that meet a certain standard of quality and prices. Le Plonque’s social media needed to reflect this sense of community for wine enthusiasts. As such, Le Plonque’s social media focuses on amazing flat lays of dinner tables, delicious food and warming company to reflect the ultimate dining experience. Showcasing the richness of French wine and champagne, the Le Plonque social media creates a quality community for wine lovers around the world. By sharing a story behind each wine, customers are able to feel the exclusivity of Le Plonque’s wine club. Having multiple platforms for the community to voice compliments and queries, this fosters an authentic affinity between the customers. This mirrors in the increased sales via their website and contact forms.