Social Media and Marketing for Artifex

Since 1995, Artifex Interiors has dedicated itself to crafting premium handmade furniture and homewares in Australia. Their ethos revolves around discouraging disposable furniture in support of a more eco-friendly setting. The core mission of their business is to create enduring furniture with a focus on local craftsmanship. They customize each piece by incorporating creative ideas aligned with their clients' preferences.

In their commitment to perfect and sustainable craftsmanship, Artifex Interiors meticulously selects raw materials such as solid timbers, stones, marbles, and metals. This ensures that each piece of furniture is not only impeccably crafted but also aligns with their dedication to sustainability.

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The Challenge

Although Artifex was founded in 1995, it struggled to increase its brand awareness and digital marketing in national and international markets. Recognizing the urgency to adapt to the digital landscape, Artifex initiated collaboration with us in January 2021. The partnership aimed to address immediate concerns and craft a comprehensive digital strategy, redefining Artifex’s online identity and positioning it for success in diverse markets.

Our Solutions

  • Redesigned the website to provide more organized and better user experience
  • Created quality content on the website and social media
  • Utilized SEO to enhance more visibility of their website and attract organic traffic.