Social Media Marketing for The Separation Planner

The Separation Planner provides DIY and assisted separation services, including divorce application filing, property settlement, and parenting / child custody arrangements.

Project Tags

The Challenge

  • Discovering and understanding who their audience/ target market was
  • Promoting their services to the right audience
  • Finding a balance between educational content and the up-sell
  • Building their brand image and community

Our Solutions

The Separation Planner required social media and email marketing to communicate a positive stance about being separated. This being quite a niche group, however in turn we all know someone directly or indirectly who has been divorced. Whilst promoting their DIY services, we understood from the get-go, it was vital to empower these people first. Through the use of paid and organic social content, we found the perfect balance to build a community that has had this common experience. Once this community had been established, we truly knew so much more about the market and had no trouble building The Separation Planner as a business.