Sponta Website Design

Sponta is an app for the community to list, find and book adventures all around the world. From wake boarding, yoga retreats, surfing, skiing and much more, it can all be found on Sponta!

The Challenge

One of the biggest needs of the website design was simplicity and ease of use. It also needed to strongly reflect Sponta’s personality which is friendly, reliable, always helpful and little bit quirky. Beyond the personality and user-friendliness the end result had to deliver a trusted, one-stop-shop for any adventure or experience around the world a potential client might be seeking, no matter how far flung or extreme. The website has also been integrated into an application for mobile, including 200 app screen designed by us.

Our Solutions


  • The clean, minimal layout provides a simple, easy to use interface for a great user experience
  • The generous white space provides brilliant relief for the high impact, engaging images that give a sense of wonder and excitement about the adventures and experiences at hand
  • The warm colour palette offers a sense of friendliness
  • Functionality easily allows users to source, book or list adventures