Branding for Venation Landscapes

“He who plants a garden plants happiness”

Client Name:

Venation Landscapes


With a focus on simplicity, The Venation Landscapes works within the residential sector as a designer for gardens that compliments the architectural lines given by a building. Blending styles from English, French, Italian to Tropical and Organic.

The Challenge

  • The Venation Landscapes aims to attract high end, residential clients.
  • The Venation Landscapes website needs to be classy and sophisticated.
  • Venation means veins on a leaf, so the incorporation is vital for design.
  • Venation Landscapes wants a logo that will evolve over time and remain on trend.

Our Solutions

  • The Venation Landscapes logo features the intricate icon of  an oak leaf, forming into part of the letter ‘V’, which gives the brand the an air of style and uniqueness.
  • The minimal yet contrasting use of colours points to a sophisticated yet creative brand and personality.
  • The Venation Landscapes colour palette has been created to reflect the high end and sophisticated spirit of the brand, featuring primarily navy blue and black.
  • The main Venation Landscapes logo can be used across all materials that have a light coloured background.
  • The logo can be reversed and used on dark coloured backgrounds too.