Website Design & Development for FinClear

FinClear Group stands as a prominent player in the technology and financial market infrastructure sector. With an ever-expanding and evolving client base, the group offers a range of products and services. Within its portfolio, it encompasses three distinct brands: FinClear, FCX, and Transcat1, each catering to unique financial service requirements of its clients.

FinClear facilitates wealth and stockbroking via wealth management platforms and access to listed infrastructure capital markets. FCX ensures seamless trade settlement using distributed ledger technology (DLT) for direct asset control, while Transcat1 offers a range of cash investment products and high interest earning term deposits for the clients via a robust cloud-based platform.

The Challenge

Website Design & Development

  • A clear and concise, corporate-friendly overview
  • Adhere to colour scheme that is professional and clean
  • Design elements that highlights the financial market

Our Solutions

Website Design & Development

  • The design reflects technology and progress which are the core aspects of the business
  • The colour scheme is sophisticated, professional and clean
  • The visual animations throughout the pages provides an enjoyable navigation for the user.