Branding & Website design for Char & Co. Restaurant

Inspired by Southern Brazil, CHAR & CO bring the relaxed and vibrant Gaucho culture to Double Bay through a specialised menu and seasonal drinks

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The Challenge

Char & Co. required a clean, crisp and professional logo that drew consumers in to the culinary experience that they offer. The brief outlined a strong desire to have a website to showcase their exceptional menu in an interactive manner as an enticing draw card.

Our Solutions

The graphic design team delivered a logo that focused on representing Char & Co as a trendy and friendly establishment that delivers the highest quality barbecued dishes. The classic black and white colour palate chosen for this project in conjunction with the underline EST 2014. design conveys the establishment as trendy and professional.

The web design team designed a website that leads with an interactive menu whilst also delivering informative supplementary pages, all at the simplest convenience of the consumer. The website also features a tantalising gallery, an easy to use reservations page as well as informative about us and contact pages. The simple yet smart black and white colouring in combination with soft colouring used throughout the website integrates with the logo, menu and restaurant vibe.