Website for Dr Alex Phoon

women wearing a white swimsuit

Dr Alex Phoon is fully qualified Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeon at Sydney's Park Clinic Plastic Surgery, specialising in breast augmentation surgery. Dr Phoon believes that confidence is beautiful and can help achieve the look you've always wanted. He wanted a warm yet luxurious branding design that is in harmony with confidence and lifestyle.

The Challenge

Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeon Dr Alex Phoon came to us for a website refresh, wanting to inform prospective patients about his services and skills. Dr Phoon works in a high-level boutique facility in Woolloomooloo and is a well respected plastic surgeon within the industry. Dr Phoon wanted his new website to be on trend, portraying a trustworthy brand that his patients could turn to for high-quality results that suited their lifestyles. Dr Phoon requested that all images on his site must be authentic, real patients of his and match the slick, health industry branding must be slick and aesthetically beautiful to look at.

Our Solutions

  • The team at Spicy Broccoli created a polished and authentic medical website and plastic surgeon branding to accurately represent Dr Phoon.
  • The beautiful, clean branding of the website presents knowledge to clients and answers to any questions they may have, as well as Dr Phoon’s previous work and philosophy.
  • The use of gold tones throughout the website evokes elegance and luxury branding design.
  • The moving image feature on the homepage gives a stylish, innovative twist and sense of sophistication to the website through its navigational tools and creative presentation.
  • We used Dr Phoon’s significant credentials to reinforce and validate his high class and reliable reputation.