Website design for Joe’s Base Camp

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Joe's Base Camp


Joe's Basecamp is a local gym that makes a world wide impact. Focused on developing personal workout programs, Joe's Basecamp aims to change the world one body at a time.

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The Challenge

Joe’s Basecamp presented a brief that screamed energy, desire and focus. The brief detailed a desire for a website that was personal, immediately inclusive of consumers as well as being informative of the training program offerings that they offer on a worldwide scale.

Our Solutions

  • Spicy Broccoli designed a website that conveyed the core beliefs of Joe’s Basecamp; excitement, camaraderie and expertise
  • The website immediately delivers an inspiring and informative home page as well easy navigation to their mission, training methods and membership offerings
  • The design features a colour palate that stems from the red and white logo whilst also incorporating imagery that portrays adventure and excitement