Website redesign and Branding for Dr. Turner

Dr. Turner’s goal is to provide his patients with natural, beautiful results in cosmetic plastic surgery. Changing a person’s quality of life, through self-improvement.The Proof

Page views have increased by more than double (112.72%, comparison between date launched - current date and same period last year)

The Challenge


  • Professional and contemporary aesthetic
  • Keep original logo and design branding around similar colour scheme
  • Include inspirational imagery to capture the attention of potential clients


  • Educate patients on all the procedures and treatments
  • Communicate: safe, reliable and caring
  • Showcase the full range of services
  • Display Dr. Turner’s qualifications and credentials
  • High-end fashion and glamour image

Our Solutions


The Dr. Scott Turner Brand was primarily determined in the website phase. This branding has then been applied to the business card and magazine ads which are cohesive with the website design. This allows potential and existing clients to gain a sense of familiarity when leaving the first point of contact (business card and magazine ad) and viewing the second point of contact – the website.

This feeling of familiarity is carefully achieved through various consistencies such as colour and image treatments. The outcome being potential clients who feel a connection with Dr. Turner as they already feel like they know what to expect from Dr. Turner, there aren’t any surprises – everything  is cohesive and professional, these being the necessary emotions when establishing a relationship between a plastic surgeon and his clients.


We’ve created an innovative and interactive homepage where by passing the mouse over the different sections of the body you can see all the procedures available.

We’ve organised the content in a very clear and easy to find way, to help educate patients in every step of their journey.

Also, to communicate a trust worthy service, we developed a gallery showing the before and after of the surgeries, and created a section at the home with reviews of the experiences.

You can view our awesome Social Media and Marketing for Dr. Scott Turner here!