Restaurant Menu Design

Get the menu your food deserves

Don't be that place with a crusty laminated menu.

Your menu is the first thing your customers see when they sit down in your restaurant, bar or café. And as you know, you eat with your eyes as much you do with your taste buds. So invite your customers to a gourmet adventure through a menu that will bring their imagination in the right plate.

It is easy to get lost in a poorly design menu or be underwhelmed by a plain one. Like three Michelin stars chefs, our menu designers have mastered the art of balancing their creations: Prep a handful of meaningful content, throw in a pinch of relevant artwork, spice up the design with some well-balanced colours and serve while it’s hot, spicy hot!

Creative restaurant menu design:

It all comes down to being true to the story. To the smallest adjustment of text alignment to the right shade of colour, it is all about capturing the essence of the brand. Despite this, we also encourage you to be creative with your menu to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Spicy Work: The London Hotel / East London

The London Hotel / East London Menu

Fun restaurant menu design

If you’re looking for a bit of flair and edge to your menu design, we are here to help! With so many menus out there it is important to have a little fun and do something different from the rest of them. Having fun with your menu design ultimately comes down to the image you want to reflect in your brand. Once we have the concept, you’ll be in the process with us as we try different concepts and designs that are fresh and lively. This includes experimenting with different colours, using creative imagery and bold typography.

Spicy Work: Ivanhoe Manly

Ivanhoe Manly Menu

Modern restaurant menu design

It’s important that when designing a menu, you should also check out your competition and the latest trends. Ask yourself, how will my restaurant menu be different from everyone else’s? This is where we come in to guide you in creating beautiful menu designs that are modern and flow effortlessly with your brand image. With our experience in selecting the right colours and fonts, it is important that your menu reflects the latest trends, is continually innovative and ultimately reflecting your brand.

Spicy Work: China Diner

China Diner Menu

This is only a sample of our volume of work. Give us a call to see more today!

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