Award Winning Moments of 2017 at Spicy Broccoli Media

Spicy Broccoli Media Best of 2017

Here at Spicy Broccoli Media¬†we encourage & understand the importance to “be memorable”, award winning website design, marketing collateral, branding and more! Continue reading

Web Design Trends of 2018

Ultimate guide to 2018 web trends

According to a study done by Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if they deem it “unattractive”. No matter how well they know the brand or what personal connection they already have to it. This is

Graphic Design Trends 2018

“Everything old is new again” As we continue to focus more on originality and the individuality of brands and their audiences, 2018 is a year in graphic design that you do not want to miss. With the inclusion of old