Trending: Single Page Websites

Are you endlessly wondering what website style is for you? If simple, modern, and mobile friendly designs are your wheelhouse, then Spicy Broccoli has the answer for you!   We like keeping up to date with goings ons and design

5 Ways to Make Your Site Pop Using Flat Design

If your business needs to keep up with trends, listen up! Flat design is a new(ish) trend that you can adopt to make sure your customers know that you are hip and happening and know what’s up when it comes

Where to Start with Your Website

It is super important to have a solid online presence these days. Search engines have taken over from the yellow pages. People are online at all times through their mobiles. To make sure your website is doing your business justice

Spicy Start-up Business Month

This month the Spicy team will be blogging about all things Start-Up. We understand small businesses and what they need to get off to the right start. Over the month we will be guiding you through the steps of setting

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